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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Federal Reserve In US Transfers $15 Trillion To Private Banks In London, UK

So I have been trying my best to get the word out about this most important of issues going on today, but I am still not seeing any tweets in my Twitter timeline regarding this issue.  The issue I speak of is the fact that the Federal Reserve of New York in the US has wired/transferred $15 trillion US dollars to the private banking institutions HSBC and RBS banks in London, UK.  To put this amount of money in perspective, this is roughly the equivalent of the total current national debt of the US.  These monies were fraudulently created with little or no gold bullion backing it, as is the case with almost all of the paper currency in circulation in the US at this time because the Federal Reserve has sold the gold bullion to other countries or used it for debt forgiveness.  The fact that these monies were fraudulently created by the Federal Reserve in the US and then wired/transacted directly to banking institutions in a foreign country (the UK) is treason of the highest order.  The Federal Reserve clearly does not have any interests in protecting and/or correcting the economy in the US, and in fact is intentionally trying to undermine the US in what is clearly a globalist/NWO/Illuminati plot to intentionally destroy the US.  But there is still not a single tweet in my Twitter timeline regarding this issue? Why?  The receipts/proof of these transactions can be viewed in the link below-